With the cold weather finally breaking up, many people are looking forward to enjoying warmer months under the sun. However, many people also do not consider some of the most important changes that they need to make to their skin care routine after winter ends. When you are ready to spend more time outside after a long winter break, prepare yourself with a few easy to remember winter skin care tips. These are particularly important to remember after you have had a chemical peel or some other intensive skin procedure done.

One of the easiest ways to take better care of your skin is to simply moisturize more. Moisturizing regularly with an oil based moisturizer will help you create protective layers over your skin that can retain moisture much more efficiently than creams or lotions. Look for avocado, mineral, and almond oil, specifically, as these oils are nonclogging, which means that they can provide your body with the protection it needs without creating acne.

Be sure to put on sunscreen every time you plan on going out. Sunscreen is not only for summertime, as the winter sun, made more intense with a snow glare, can still damage your skin. Applying a broader spectrum sunscreen to your hands and face can ensure that you protect yourself all year round. Reapply this sunscreen regularly if you plan on staying outside for extended periods of time. Read the instructions and be sure to consult with a dermatologist if you have any skin conditions that you need to watch over.

Hydration is the key to keeping not only your skin, but your overall health well maintained. Drink the doctor recommended amount of water as regularly as possible, and make sure that you keep the air in your home hydrated as well. It is recommended for you to invest in a humidifier, as central heating systems, in addition to space heaters, blast hot air into the home and dry the moisture out. Humidifiers can help get more moisture back into the air, which will help keep your skin from drying out, ensuring a more vibrant appearance.

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