While many people may not be looking forward to winter skin care, the cold season is one of the best times of the year to treat some of your most annoying skin related problems. The wintertime is perfect for having a chemical peel done because it is when you spend the least amount of time in the sun.

Almost all effective skin care regimens feature one common trait: the promotion of exfoliation. When you allow your skin to shed its dead skin cells, you are promoting the regrowth of collagen and new, healthier skin cells. If you do not do anything to get rid of the skin cells in the first place, they simply stay on your body, giving your skin a dull and ashy appearance. Your body will not have any encouragement to produce fresh skin cells because the old ones will still be clogging your surface.

In order to make the most of your skin’s natural growth, chemical peels have numerous cosmetic and medical benefits. They can help optimize your skin health, no matter your skin type, by encouraging the growth of new cells. Cosmetically speaking, peels can help exfoliate your skin, improving your pore size and reducing fine lines along your skin. They can achieve these results, simply by removing the damaged layers outside of your skin and replacing them with healthier, new growth. During the winter, when you are not tanning and spending as much time facing the elements and sunlight, your skin will have much more time to heal.

Incorporating a chemical peel into your skin care regimen can be a good way to not only improve the effectiveness of the product, but also ensure that the results of the peal last even longer. Your skin will look much better after exfoliation, and you will be able to enjoy a much more youthful appearance along your dermis. Contact Universal Dermatology today to see what chemical peal options are available for you. Having an early consultation performed can be vital in ensuring that you do not suffer any unwanted side effects, while maximizing your potential benefits.

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