shutterstock_170345660Laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, are meant to help you put your best skin forward. Laser treatments include a host of relatively non-invasive and effective procedures for treating a wide range of skin conditions. Common skin conditions which can be treated using these treatments include:
– Rosacea
– Acne
– Keloids
– Stretch marks
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Onychomycosis (toenail fungus)
– Age and brown spots, melasma, freckles and birthmarks
– Tattoo removal
Each condition above requires a unique laser treatment to target the specific symptoms of the condition. For example, Gemini Laser treatments are used to treat broken blood vessels and rosacea. Nd-Yag and Q-switched Alexandrite, on the other hand, are effective in tattoo removal, regardless of coloring. The Dot fractioned Co2 is the most popular laser and is best suited for resurfacing the skin, while the Lumenis Light Sheer laser is considered the gold standard for permanent hair removal.
Laser Treatments Tips: Some More You Should Know About Your Options
Laser treatments are becoming an increasingly popular choice for treating skin conditions that were once considered to be incurable. Of course, this is great news! Hundreds of people no longer have to feel insecure about having skin conditions like rosacea or stretch marks. Instead, one can opt for laser treatments to treat it with a fair amount of permanence.
Not only are these laser treatment options highly effective, they also work very quickly. Although they often require more than one session to be completed, patients can expect to see noticeable results after only one session. This is yet another reason that laser treatments are an appealing option. Best of all, laser treatments are increasingly accessible and practical due to the various patient payment programs that are available to help pay for them.
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