Dermatologist for Mole RemovalMost American adults have some type of mole on their bodies. Adults who have lighter skin often have more moles. Moles can be removed for cosmetic or medical reasons

Most moles do not require treatment. A dermatologist can remove a mole due to pain, possible skin cancer risk, or for many cosmetic reasons. There are many “at home” treatment options as well, but some of these treatments can cause complications.

Here are four reasons to have your mole treatment performed by your dermatologist:

Skin disfigurement. “At home” treatments could end up leaving unattractive scars on your body or face. Especially if a mole is on your face, it is much less risky to have your mole treated by your dermatologist.

Infection. An infection can be caused by mole removal creams and other over-the-counter treatments. We can prevent infections from happening by properly closing the wound and treating the area.

Biopsy. Your mole could be pre-cancerous, which you could miss if you don’t have a proper exam conducted by your dermatologist. Your dermatologist will have your mole tested for cancer and help you start the proper treatments to help prevent the spread of potential skin cancer.

Growing back. Your mole may not completely be removed when using an at-home treatment. If your mole starts to grow back, this could be an early sign of a melanoma, which means you need to see your dermatologist as soon as possible.

Our board-certified medical team specializes in all types of skin related matters. At Universal Dermatology & Vein Care, we can remove your skin moles with the appropriate techniques that don’t risk your health.  Click here to make your appointment to discuss your mole treatment options today!


    • Joel C.

      Great read on removal of a mole. some interesting reasons why you should remove them , did not know some reasons could be quite dangerous! Thanks for a good blog.

    • Troy Blackburn

      Thank you for this helpful and educational article piece. I did not know that not doing mole treatment could become such a problem. It seems to always be a good idea to seek a seasoned and professional dermatologist when needing mole treatment.

    • TagBand UK

      Thanks for the information. I really appreciate your work. There are some really unique way to get rid of moles. Home treatments for mole are often successful. Home remedies work well and won’t have any side effects on the skin.


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