uniderm blog image 1-5The change of seasons can be rough on sensitive skin. At Universal Dermatology, there are a variety of treatments offered that can help keep your skin fresh and smooth as the temperatures drop. Stop the itching, flaking, and dryness that typically accompanies the cold, harsh weather conditions.

Winter Peels

Having a chemical peel done on the face at the start of the season is a great way to slough off dead cells that have built up. Reveal a fresh layer, and treat your skin to a soothing treatment. By removing the dead, dry skin that has built up over the past few months, you can start off the new year with a healthy glow.

Proper Hydration

There are many benefits to having properly hydrated skin. Not only will it look healthier, but it will also feel much better when it is moisturized. Dry skin can be rough, and even painful. Cold air and winds can chap the hands and face quickly, so it is essential to remember to moisturize and hydrate daily.

Keep your face looking and feeling it’s very best throughout the winter. Schedule a chemical peel procedure, and remember to hydrate your skin daily. You can feel fresh and beautiful in every season with the right treatments.  Schedule an appointment with Universal Dermatology today.


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