shutterstock_236643838Many people get depressed during the cold winter months. It is a time when a majority of individuals cover up and hide. However, a chemical peel is the perfect aesthetic procedure to make you feel better as it brings renewal and rejuvenation to your skin.

Reasons Winter is the Perfect Time for a Chemical Peel-

Winter is a time when the sun does not shine as much or as often as in the months of the summer. Low UV levels provide the perfect conditions for quick skin healing. There are many other reasons why it is important to undergo this treatment during winter.

During the cold months of the year, skin tends to become dry and tight, especially when it experiences extreme temperature changes. Also, conditions like rosacea and eczema tend to flare at this time of year as well. A skin peel targets these issues by exfoliating dry and dead skin and adding hydration.

Misconceptions about Chemical Peels-

Many people believe chemical peels are painful and cause skin to become extremely dry. However, this is not the case. Most treatments include vitamins and gentle acids that remove various layers of damaged skin with minimal discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

With the use of chemicals, the body is able to shed its outer layer of skin. This eliminates dead cells that clog pores. After treatment, a new skin layer is revealed, which provides a fresh and more youthful appearance. It is a smart way to get rid of sun damage and minimize the look of mild scars. A chemical peel can also lower the appearance of fine wrinkles and regulate skin color. If you suffer from mild acne or blackheads, the treatment offers a clearer complexion.

Other Winter Skincare Tips-

Even though the sun does not shine as brightly in the winter, it is still important to apply sunscreen each day, especially after receiving a chemical peel. It is also wise to use humidifiers throughout the house. Heating systems pump hot air, which dries the atmosphere and your skin. Humidifiers add moisture so that skin remains hydrated.

Universal Dermatology & Vein Care uses the latest technologies to improve the health and appearance of clients’ skin. Do not let winter conditions negatively affect your body. For more information about chemical peels, schedule a consultation today.

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