Technology has been revolutionizing industries all over the world and dermatology and vein care are no different. This is particularly true where the internet and creating points of access are concerned. In medicine and healthcare fields, telehealth is a growing option. As a dermatology care facility that is always on the cutting edge of technology, we are very interested in the benefits of telemedicine. So, we took a closer look, and here is what we have found.

The Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

While it is easy to picture video-conference interactions when we hear the term telehealth, it is so much more than that. In a nutshell, telehealth is any kind of medical care that allows medical practitioners to connect with their patients at a distance through the use of telecommunications. It is through telehealth technologies that telemedicine solutions become available. In other words, telemedicine is a specific kind of telehealth option.

telemedicine for dermatology

What Exactly Is Telemedicine?

The term telemedicine refers to two things:

  1. A mobile app that allows medical practitioners and their patients to communicate through video chat.
  2. A software option that allows primary care providers to liaise with specialists at a distance by sending photos of certain conditions for a rapid, remote diagnosis.

Through these telemedicine solutions, patients are able to benefit from remote diagnosis and other kinds of care as they connect with their healthcare providers and dermatologists from a distance.

In What Ways Does Telemedicine Benefit the Field of Dermatology?

Telemedicine solutions can offer lots of benefits to dermatologists and their patients. Telemedicine solutions provide dermatologists and patients with options to stay connected even when they are miles apart. For example, there is no need for a patient to be in the room for a doctor to diagnosis them or follow up with a treatment. As such, we are able to provide faster, more rapid care solutions in a convenient and easily accessible way. This includes catching thing like skin cancer more quickly.

7  Benefits of Telemedicine Remote Diagnosis Solutions for Dermatology

1. Rapid Service Delivery

Telemedicine offers the ability to send files – like reports or photos of skin spots  – and have responses in the space of minutes. This can connect patients with both their primary care practitioner and specialists like dermatologists quickly and simultaneously. Consequently, patients can receive the best treatment possible from a collaboration between two or more doctors.

2. Privacy and Convenience

Through being able to have their dermatology consultation and diagnosis performed remotely, patients have the convenience of seeing their dermatologists from the privacy of their own home. Although all in-office dermatology appointments are private and confidential, patients may feel more comfortable divulging their ailments in their own homes. 

3. Accessible Care

Telemedicine also allows a specialist to monitor a patient remotely if need be. For example, patients living in rural communities or who face other accessibility problems (like elderly patients with mobility issues), will now have more accessible care. Patients in these circumstances no longer have to worry about feeling “cut off” when they can be connected through telemedicine.   

4. Rapid Emergency Care

There are times when you or a loved one may have a dermatological emergency that you will want to have assessed right away. In cases like these, telemedicine provides great options for both you and dermatologist. Being able to check in with your dermatologist and/or your primary care physician right away can be comforting. Even if you have already made your way to your primary care physician, he or she can easily check in with your dermatologist concerning the situation to provide you with a rapid solution. video telemedicine

5. Better Treatment Follow-Up and Patient Care

With telemedicine, dermatologists are able to check in with their patients more regularly. As a result, this improves the overall care experience for patients and their dermatologists. As all patients respond to treatments differently, this type of care helps providers monitor your treatment course and make any adjustments if needed.

6. Increased Engagement

Now that patients can connect with dermatologists more conveniently through telemedicine, many do so more frequently. Knowing they can readily reach their dermatologists may prevent them from hesitating to seek treatment. This can result catching some conditions before they progress.

7. Reduced Care Costs

Telemedicine solutions help reduce care costs for both patients and their dermatologists. The cost of accommodating patients in care facilities can be significantly reduced if we can treat them remotely. The costs of traveling to care facilities for treatment can be significantly reduced for patients as well.

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