shutterstock_313921004Each season of the year affects the skin differently. Of the four seasons, winter can be the harshest on skin. This is particularly true where chronic dryness is concerned. Winter is almost synonymous with causing significant dryness, peeling, cracking, and other similar conditions of the skin if not tended to with special care. These conditions can occur in people of all skin types, including those with normal or oily skin. Below are skin care tips you should add to your skin care routine to help keep your skin moisturized healthy all winter long.
Practice Skin Care From the Inside Out
What you eat inadvertently affects the appearance of your skin. During the winter season, it is more important than ever to eat well and drink plenty of water. While it is true that the holidays allow for a little indulgence, it also remains true that sugar and refined carbohydrates intake should be as minimal as possible. Start by steering clear of sodas and sugary drinks. Instead, focus on drinking the suggested eight glasses of water a day. Fresh fruits and vegetables (especially water-logged ones) and lean meats should also be incorporated into your diet.
Be sure to get ample rest as well. Stress and fatigue can cause skin to look aged. And, as tempting as it is to lounge around during winter, ensure you get ample amounts of daily exercise.
Tips for Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine
Topical skin care routine is important for complementing the self-care practices listed above. Your skin should be cleansed gently (but thoroughly) at least once a day, and special attention should be paid on moisturizing. Although winter is known for freezing temperatures, the winter sun can still cause damage. Be sure to use moisturizers with SPF protection when spending time outdoors during the day. Also, ensure you wear appropriate clothing at all times. Suitable winter clothing should help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays while also keeping you warm.


    • Jade Brunet

      I have always been jealous of my sister’s skin, because while hers is nice and naturally moisturized, mine is dry. It is good to know that each season of the year affects the skin differently. I agree that winter can be the harshest on the skin. I am glad to know that the way you eat can affect your skin. I will have to research more about this and try to eat foods that will enhance the quality of my skin, thanks.

    • Tina keshishi

      It is very good to use for dry skin in winter. It Also Contains Many Good facts. I Appreciated your PROFESSIONAL way of writing the post . You have made it easy for all to understand. These conditions can occur in people of all skin types, including those with normal or oily skin. It is good for my dry skin and it has helped my skin become a lot smoother and a lot more clear. Love it.


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