beautiful-1274361_1920As the days become shorter, the air becomes drier and the temperatures drop, your skin may need extra attention. Autumn is the season of transition and the best skin care routine will set right any summer damage that has happened and prepare your skin for the upcoming winter months. Read on to learn about some important skin care tips to help keep your summer glow into the fall.

Your skin has been exposed to a lot of sun, chlorine and salt water, so fall is the time to exfoliate and moisturize. While it is crucial to exfoliate all through the year, it is especially important to do so during the drier, cooler seasons when the dead skin cells tend to accumulate on the skin surface. The buildup of dead skin cells can make the skin appear dull and rough. Exfoliation is essential to keep the skin smooth and radiant.  Try one of our gentle glycolic cleansers for adding daily exfoliation to your fall skin care regimen.

Make time to schedule a full body scrub or an exfoliating facial that gets rid of summer’s marks too from your skin and makes it look fresh and beautiful. While choosing exfoliating products, keep in mind, oil-based scrubs are the best as they both exfoliate and hydrate.

During the season, it is best to avoid using harsh soaps. Fragrant soapy scrubs may feel great after a day at the beach, but they can leave your skin irritated and dry. With the arrival of the dry months, it is time to opt for a soap-free moisturizing cleanser. Also, your skin requires a thicker moisturizer around this time. If you have been applying lotions on your skin in the summer, it is now time to switch to thicker creams.

The sun may not feel extremely harsh during the fall, but that is no excuse to forget your sunscreen to prevent wrinkles. Whether it is a clear autumn day or a gray one, you will still need protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Our aestheticians can help you choose a sunscreen according to your skin type for daily wear during fall

As you adjust to a new season, do not forget to make these important changes in your skin care routine. The holiday season will soon be here before you know it and you want to be ready for it with your best fall skin health routine.

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