shutterstock_265897697Skin care is an important part of our physical and mental well-being as it helps us put our best physical self forward. We feel better about ourselves when our skin looks great. There are lots of new technologies and facial treatment options that are available to help us achieve our best skin yet. Botox being one of the most popular choice of facial treatments.

About Botox Treatments:

Botox is a safe, effective, and widely used, non-surgical skin care treatment designed to target and treat active age lines cause from frowning and squinting. Botox treatments take only a few minutes and can be used to shape and lift the eyebrow. It mostly helps prevent and treat wrinkles on the face caused by over active muscles. There is no need for recovery or downtime and treatments last anywhere between four and six months.

Preparing For Your Botox Skin Care Treatments:

Although Botox is not a surgical skin care facial treatment, there are still some things that clients must do in order to get ready for the treatment.

Preparations include:

  1. Inform Your Doctor. Due to the fact that Botox is a facial treatment, it may be easy to brush it aside as no big deal. However, there are several factors that can affect whether or not you have a good Botox experience. For your safety, it is imperative that you share with your Botox treatment doctor as much of your medical history as possible. Share information including any allergies you may have, the medication you may be currently taking.
  1. Avoid Blood Thinners.  Here at Universal Dermatology & Vein Care, we recommend Arnica Montana as a homeopathic supplement to help prevent brusing.
  1. Get Sleep. As you prepare for Botox, ensure that you have a reasonable expectation of what to expect. Results differ from one person to the next and it may take more than one treatment for you to see the results you wish. Finally, ensure that you get a good night’s rest the night before your treatment. You will feel and look even better.

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