It is normal and healthy to perspire in hot weather, but if you sweat excessively, this may be related to certain health conditions. Excessive perspiration is embarrassing and can make daily life difficult when you have to worry about sweat stains. There are a few basic steps that you can take to have a sweat-free summer, but you can also visit a dermatologist for professional treatment at Universal Dermatology & Vein Care in Columbus, Ohio. Here are some of the ways to combat excessive perspiration:

Change Your Daily Diet

Did you know that some foods can lead to additional perspiration, including smelly sweat? If you have a problem with too much sweating, then changing your diet is essential. The foods that can cause a smelly body odor from extra sweat include dairy such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. You will also want to avoid pungent foods such as onions, asparagus, and garlic. Moderate your consumption of salty foods that can lead to edema or water retention because when you are hot, these will cause you to perspire more.

Wear Clothing Made From Natural Fibers

Rather than wearing man-made fibers, select clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen. You should avoid wearing tight garments or multiple layers of clothing that don’t permit proper air circulation. You can find garments that are made from moisture-wicking fibers so that you won’t sweat as much.

Use Specialized Antiperspirant

If you have excessive perspiration, basic deodorant or antiperspirant won’t control your sweating or body odor. You can find antiperspirant that is made with special formulas that will control sweating in the armpits and other clammy areas of the body. It is also possible for a dermatologist to prescribe antiperspirant that is formulated for anyone with hyperhidrosis.

Drink a Lot Of Water

You might think that not drinking water is the best way to stop perspiring, but if you are dehydrated, then your sweat will have a more intense odor. If you don’t drink any liquids for several hours, your body conserves its moisture to sustain your internal organs. As soon as you drink water again, you will begin to sweat more. Remain consistently hydrated as much as possible to avoid the sudden onset of perspiration that can come from drinking water sporadically.

Eliminate Some Of Your Sweat Glands

You can visit a dermatologist to have the sweat glands eliminated in your armpits with a cool laser treatment that uses microwave technology. Mira-dry is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment on the sweat glands that are located underneath the arms. This is a noninvasive treatment that is fast and painless, but you will need two Mira-dry procedures that are spaced about three months apart. The results from Mira-dry will last from two years to a lifetime.

Exercise To Lose Weight

Losing weight can help you to perspire less, so you should have a regular exercise routine. While you will sweat during exercise, you will also lose weight, and with less fat on your body, you will feel cooler in hot weather. If you have never consistently exercised before, consider a consultation with a personal trainer.

Regulate Your Hormone Levels

When your hormones fluctuate, you may perspire more. Teenagers often sweat excessively because they are going through rapid growth along with an increase in hormone levels. Women who are pregnant or going through perimenopause also have problems with excessive perspiration. If you perspire a lot without these reasons, then you might have a thyroid condition that requires specialized treatment and you should consult a doctor.

Remove Body Hair To Reduce Sweating

Shaving your legs or armpits can help you to remain cooler in the summer. While females are more likely to shave the hair from their bodies, males can also benefit from reducing their amount of body hair. You can also use depilatory creams to dissolve the roots of body hair.  A dermatologist can also use electrolysis to eliminate excessive hair.

Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

If you drink coffee, tea or caffeinated soft drinks all day, then you may have excessive perspiration that has a strong odor. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the temperature of your body along with activating your sweat glands. If you regularly consume a lot of caffeine, it is important to ease yourself off of these drinks gradually to avoid intense cravings that will make you sweat.

Remain In Cool Environments

When you have a problem with excessive sweat, you should remain in a cool environment as much as possible. Stay in air conditioning as much as possible. You can also install dehumidifiers and circulating fans to eliminate the humidity in the air.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There are several reasons why cigarettes are harmful to the body. One of these ways is that they increase how much you sweat. The nicotine in tobacco triggers a chemical in your body that leads to a higher heart rate, making you perspire more. When you stop smoking, the withdrawal symptoms from tobacco will also cause excess perspiration, but this symptom will subside within a few days.

Botox Injections

Botox is an appropriate treatment for excessive sweating, but you should visit a dermatologist for this treatment. Vials of this neurotoxic protein are injected into the armpits to block the chemical messengers in the sweat glands that cause excessive perspiration. Treatment with Botox for sweating is suitable for most adults, and the benefits will last for approximately seven months.

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