beforeandafter2-300x257Who We Are And What We Do:

The appearance of one’s skin, hair and nails is a key factor in helping us to put our best foot forward in the world. In addition to being an overall indicator of good health, glowing, youthful, even toned skin is attractive. Here at Universal Dermatology and Vein Care we cater to all your dermatological and vascular needs. We use the latest technology to offer the best in dermatology care and vein treatment, including offering up all the health tips and dermatology tips needed to help all our patients of all ages maintain the good health of their skin and veins.

Skin, Hair, Nails, Veins And Your General Health Care Routine:

Every aspect of our overall health care regime is important to the health of the more seemingly cosmetic elements of our person. Healthy skin, hair, nails and veins go far beyond merely rubbing on a few brand name creams and doing cosmetic surgeries. Instead, our diet, level of physical activity and overall attention paid to general well-being and health care all pay a vital role. It is therefore important that we eat well – getting the required amount of water, vegetables, fruits, proteins and nutrients on a daily basis — and participate in moderate exercise adding up to 30 minutes or more daily.

Vein Treatment And Removal In Columbus, Ohio:

With an estimated 30-40% of American adults suffering from some form of vein disorder, vein treatment and/or removal is that much more important. While some disorders are cosmetic — as is the case in some types of varicose and spider veins, others can be quite serious. Being able to tell the difference between the two may come down to recognizing certain symptoms. Symptoms such as restless legs, heaviness in the legs, swelling and leg pain may all be indications of a more serious condition.

Whatever the nature of your condition, whether serious or cosmetic, we have a treatment for it here at Universal Dermatology and Vein Care. We offer medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments for a variety of conditions including venous insufficiency, spider veins and varicose veins. If you live and work in and around the Columbus Ohio area, contact us today for a complete assessment of your condition and a breakdown of the requisite treatment.

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