Eczema often worsens during the fall and winter months. If you have this condition, you will likely find it more bothersome in the cold weather. Lower temperatures and exposure to winter weather can worsen the problem.

During colder seasons, indoor heating in your home and office also contributes to drying out your skin. If your eczema is mild, there are steps you can take at home. To combat indoor heating, make use of a humidifier to release moisture back into the air. Also, be sure to take warm, short showers instead of long baths. Wash with a mild, unscented soap, and use a good moisturizer after you cleanse your skin. It’s also important to reduce the stress in your life as much as possible, as stress can affect eczema and cause other health related issues.

Severe eczema may not respond to home treatments. If you take these steps for home care and do not see results, consider visiting a specialist at Universal Dermatology. Your condition will be evaluated, and you will receive the treatment that is right for you.

Fall and winter can be enjoyable times of the year. Eczema does not have to spoil your holidays, social events, or time with your family. Eczema treatments can make you comfortable, confident, and attractive.  If you suffer from eczema and would like to seek treatment and discuss options, please contact us today.

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