What Is Contact Dermatitis?

Allergic contact dermatitis is an immune response to an allergen. It can be itchy and can also make the skin dry, flaky, or scaly. However, the symptoms associated with this allergic reaction depend on your skin’s sensitivity. This substance may bring about other symptoms including oozing blisters, redness, leathery appearance, burning sensation, hives, sun sensitivity, and swelling.

The allergens that cause these reactions can be found in soap, shampoo, makeup, jewelry, clothing, medication, cleaning supplies, etc.

How Can I Know What is Causing My Allergy?

This is the question that can make allergic contact dermatitis tricky—because there are so many possible causes as noted above.

Because of this there is a method called patch testing that is used to identify the root cause. Patch testing is a safe, reliable way to diagnose the cause of your allergic contact dermatitis.

How Does Patch Testing Work?

Your provider will apply patches containing small amounts of around 80 of the most common allergens to your body—often times to your upper back. These patches are secured with hypoallergenic tape.

After a period of time, typically 48 hours, your patch test provider will complete a thorough examination of your skin’s reaction (and lack thereof) to the various allergens.

Sometimes a second checkpoint a few days after the first is required to verify results and provide a more accurate analysis as some allergens can take longer to create an effect.

Contact us today if you have further questions and to see if patch testing may be a good solution for you.