As an Anthem-covered Dermatologist in Columbus, Ohio and serving patients from surrounding areas, Universal Dermatology can make all the difference in the way a patient looks and feels. Here are a few examples of the types of conditions that Columbus’ Universal Dermatologist can treat.

Skin That is Dry and Itchy

There are several skin conditions that can lead to flaking, dry skin. Most of them also come with the unpleasant sensation of wanting to constantly scratch that inflamed skin. Since that happens to be the worst thing you can do, it pays to see an anthem dermatologist Columbus as soon as possible. If the professional identifies the presence of eczema or psoriasis, rest assured there are several treatments that will help calm the issue, hydrate the skin, and make the constant urge to scratch go away.

Acne and Similar Conditions

Teenagers are not the only ones who deal with acne and other blemishes that mar the surface of the skin. A dermatologist can safely treat these issues by unblocking pores clogged with excess oils. Along with the cleanings, the professional can also provide products the patient can use at home to keep the skin balanced and ensure the acne fades away.

Evaluating Moles and Other Spots on the Skin

While a mole may simply be a mole, it can also be a sign of the development of skin cancer. Seeing a dermatologist and having moles and other blemishes on the skin checked is a good idea. These professionals can conduct biopsies to determine if there is any type of malignancy present. If so, treatments can commence immediately and head off the situation before it gets any worse.

If something does not seem to be quite right with your skin, it pays to schedule an appointment with the team at Universal Dermatology. As the best option in the Columbus area, you can rest assured that the dermatologist will get to the bottom of whatever issue is causing you distress. An examination will determine what needs to be done to deal with the situation and help you to be safe and happier with your appearance.

All of the procedures and many more are all covered by Anthem Insurance under Universal Dermatology.