If you had acne in the past and now you must deal with the aftermath, then chances are you’ve tried many different treatments. Over-the-counter creams that claim to fade acne scars often do very little or are completely ineffective. If you are seeking an effective, permanent solution to your unsightly acne scars, then you need to consult with the dermatologist at the best acne scar clinic Columbus has. This clinic is Universal Dermatology. Here is what this amazing clinic can do for you:

Determine the Best Treatment

The dermatologist will meet with you and give you a complete examination. You will be assessed to determine which procedure will be the most appropriate for you. You will then undergo the procedure, which will help you with significantly improving your self-esteem.

Provide You with Optimal Customer Service

The staff at Universal Dermatology go above and beyond to ensure that every patient is provided with top-notch service. When you visit the office, you will be made comfortable in every manner. If you are nervous on the day of the procedure, the staff will do whatever is necessary to assure you that there is no need to worry.

Charge You a Reasonable Fee

Unlike some clinics that charge astronomical rates, Universal Dermatology prides itself on charging its patients reasonable and fair fees. This enables patients of all income levels to undergo the treatments that they need in order to improve their appearance. If you aren’t able to pay for your acne removal procedure in-full, then you will be provided with other options.

One option is the opportunity to apply for the Care Credit, which would allow you to obtain a health-related credit care. This credit card can be used to pay for your acne removal procedure, but it isn’t limited to just Universal Dermatology. You can use it at any clinic that accepts Care Credit.

So if you’re ready to rid yourself of the acne scars that have been making you feel unattractive for a while, then it is time to have them removed. The dermatologists at Universal Dermatology can assist you with this in the quickest manner.