Columbus Birthmark RemovalA birthmark is essentially any mark, bump or spot that appears on an infant’s skin around the time of birth. Birthmarks can range from hardly noticeable to disfiguring. These marks can cause an individual to feel shy or self-conscious. For these individuals in the Columbus area, birthmark removal by way of Universal Dermatology could be a viable option.

Types of Birthmarks

These marks can be categorized based on their composition. Birthmarks that result from excessive buildup of melanin are referred to as pigmented birthmarks. Most of these birthmarks range from brown to black. There are other birthmarks that have a lighter appearance than the rest of the skin. This occurs because of a virtual lack of melanin.

There are some birthmarks that comprise blood vessels and these are referred to as vascular birthmarks. These are typically red, purple or blue. Other birthmarks comprise mast cells, breast tissue, lymphatic tissue and epidermal tissue. These usually range from flesh-colored to yellow and could even be hairy.

The majority of birthmarks most likely result from defective cell migration during fetal development. When these cells begin to multiply, tissues that have the characteristics of their cell type are produced. This happens even though they are not situated where the cells usually are.

Birthmark Removal Columbus

Now it is possible to treat different types of vascular and pigmented birthmarks. The approach used will depend on the benefits versus the risks of the treatment. The tissue involved will also play a role in determining the approach.

Birthmark Lightening and Removal

Individuals with low self-esteem or those who believe that the birthmark could cause health problems could greatly benefit from birthmark lightening or removal. The method used in these procedures will depend on factors such as size, location and type. Universal Dermatology in Columbus, Ohio offers the best birthmark removal treatments. They use the most up-to-date laser treatments to get the job done.