Columbus Acne Scar RemovalFirst impressions are important in many aspects of life from meeting a love interest to interviewing for a new job. Many people are plagued by acne scars that remind them of a time when they faced bad skin on a regular basis. Thanks to medical advances there are solutions to this problem. The acne scar removal dermatologists can offer effectively remove the scars with one or two visits.

Hiring the right professional for the job can make all the difference in the results. Universal Dermatology offers Columbus, Ohio residents some of the best opportunity to experience quality laser treatments such as the DOT fractionated Co2 Laser. The laser works on only the acne scarred portion of the skin leaving the rest of the skin alone. The healthy skin stays healthy and the acne scarred portions have a chance to grow new healthy skin. In many instances this type of treatment can provide 30 to 70% improvement of the acne scarring after just one session. While results do vary, most will find desired results after the first session.

Universal Dermatology is home to several well qualified dermatologists with experience in acne scar removal. They have some of the most up to date equipment available and work hard to ensure that the patients feel comfortable with the procedures. The team is thorough in their diagnosis and offers each patient all of the options that could be beneficial. They are prepared to help you determine the best course of action for your skin care. Through proper diagnosis and accurate information, you can get the best results.

While most health insurance plans do not cover acne removal, Universal Dermatology offers a third party credit option to help you get the care you need. The office provides you with everything you need under one roof to get the healthy looking skin that you have always wanted. Booking an appointment is easily accomplished online or with a phone call. Meeting with a professional can help you make a decision about your next treatment and get you well on your way to making an excellent first impression.